How to cite KBLab

If you have used the Lab’s resources or need to refer to the Lab in your research, please use the following reference:

Börjeson, L., Haffenden, C., Malmsten, M., Klingwall, F., Rende, E., Kurtz, R., Rekathati, F., Hägglöf, H., & Sikora, J. (2024). Transfiguring the Library as Digital Research Infrastructure: Making KBLab at the National Library of Sweden. College & Research Libraries, 85(4), 564–582.

Or for BibTeX:

    author = {Love Börjeson and Chris Haffenden and Martin Malmsten and Fredrik Klingwall 
    and Emma Rende and Robin Kurtz and Faton Rekathati and Hillevi Hägglöf and Justyna Sikora},
    title = {Transfiguring the Library as Digital Research Infrastructure: Making KBLab at the National Library of Sweden},
    journal = {College & Research Libraries},
    volume = {85},
    number = {4},
    year = {2024},
    issn = {2150-6701}, 
pages = {564–582},  
doi = {10.5860/crl.85.4.564},
    url = {}


If your project has been based at the Lab, please use the following formulation in any related publications:

”Computational resources and support for this research was provided by KBLab at the National Library of Sweden.”

Citing specific models

If you have used our models and need to cite the documentation we have produced for them, please use the following references:


  title={Playing with Words at the National Library of Sweden -- Making a Swedish BERT},
  author={Martin Malmsten and Love Börjeson and Chris Haffenden},


      title={Hearing voices at the National Library -- a speech corpus and acoustic model for the Swedish language}, 
      author={Martin Malmsten and Chris Haffenden and Love Börjeson},

Other models

If there is a post on this blog about the model you can find a BibTeX reference in the specific post.


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.